Children, Teens, and Young Adult Cancers

It is a very challenging and difficult time when a child is diagnosed with cancer. The child with cancer and everyone close to him/her may go through many different feelings and emotions. First reactions may include disbelief, anger, shock, sadness and fear.

Ribbon.Life is committed to improving the lives of children with cancer, and their families, through practical support and research. We offer the following resources to help when a child is diagnosed with cancer. This is often called childhood cancer or pediatric cancer.

Types of Children's Cancers

An overview of the most common types of ...

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Diagnosing Children's Cancers

Finding childhood cancers ...

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Reactions and Emotions

Common reactions when a child is diagnosed ...

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Treating Childrens Cancers

Learn about the types of treatment used for ...

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Living with Childhood Cancer

Day-to-day life when a child has cancer ...

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Talking to Kids about Cancer

Practical tips for talking to kids about a cancer ...

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Late Effects of Childhood Cancer

Types of side effects that may occur 5 or more ...

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Managing Late Effects of Childhood Cancer

Tips to help prevent, treat, or cope with late effects ...

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Preserving Fertility in Children With Cancer

How treatment can affect your child's reproductive ...

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