How Ribbon.Life is Funded?

How does Ribbon.Life make money?

DEVA - and its subsidiaries- is a for-profit company on a mission to redefine healthcare around the patient experience. Our revenue is generated through the following business activities:

1. Patients Support Programs

where Ribbon.Life works with health plans and other payors to develop peer networks to augment the treatment protocol for a particular condition. Through these communities, Ribbon.Life can help payors improve health outcomes for their members through sustained peer support and education that has been demonstrated to increase engagement and adherence in managing their conditions.

2. Research Collaborations

That use real-world evidence gathered by Ribbon.Life to learn more about patients' unmet needs and work to improve the lives of patients.

3. Clinical Trials Support

That includes:

  • Helping clinical trial sponsors recruit patients who meet eligibility requirements.
  • Helping sponsors optimize trial design and design support mechanisms based on feedback from Ribbon.Life Members.
  • Using Ribbon.Life to support decentralized or virtual clinical trials through remote data gathering and outcomes monitoring.
  • Using Ribbon.Life real-world evidence to act as the control (comparison) group of a study.
4. Ribbon Marketplace

People can support the work of the Ribbon by purchasing goods from our online store and our partner retail shops, at no extra cost. Your support means we can provide free information and support to cancer patients and their loved ones in our community. So, fill your shopping bag with lots of goodies and every penny you spend will make a real difference.

Does Ribbon.Life sell my information?

Ribbon.Life does not sell your identifiable personal information without your express, specific consent. As part of your participation on the Ribbon.Life site and application, you are contributing data which Ribbon.Life does use and share in de-identified form. We share aggregate data and de-identified data to collaborate with research partners who are working to find cures and create better health outcomes for all patients.

To learn more, see how we make money or read details on what is shared and sold in our Privacy Policy.

Does Ribbon.Life have advertising?

We're not pursuing an ad-based business model right now. We want to preserve the best experience possible on the site. Our business is based on aligning your interests as patients with industry interests. To do this, we share your data and experiences with industry to help them better understand the real world course of diseases.