Cancer Patients!

Social Network, Treatment Options, Medical Records, and Marketplace all in one application

The Ribbon.Life’s All in One

Social & Medical Patient Engagement

Engaging patients effectively demands domain know-how and experience backed by disruptive technology HIPAA & GDPR Compliant.


Patient Engagement Platform

End-to-end high engagement patient solutions, connectivity, communities, PROs, RWE, hyper-personalization, auto-care coordination, reminders and more.


Adherence, Awareness & Education

Direct access to patients at the right time with the right message.


Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging machine learning & AI to provide superior engagement, user acquisition and deep data insights.

Patient Engagement Platform

Adherence, Awareness & Education

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

An ecosystem that revolutionizes cancer patients’ participation in their treatment journey, and drives cancer research.

how it works

Creating More
Up Days

for everyone living and dealing with cancer.

with others

Find new friends during and after treatment and connect with people that understand life with cancer.

personalized results

By answering questions about your cancer.Input details such as your cancer stage, severity and location. You can always skip answers you aren’t comfortable answering.

second treatment opinion

Find out what your treatment options are based on the latest international protocols.


We match you to clinical trials, specific to your cancer diagnosis in your area that you may be eligible for.


Explore from a list of experts near you who specialize in your type of cancer. Book your consultation with them.

Everyone’s cancer story
is unique.

But what unites every person affected is the dedicated network of friends, family, carers, nurses, consultants, and healthcare providers that support them on their journey.

The Ribbon.Life connects that network, and equips people to feel more in control and able to keep on top of all the things that need managing. And we can give the team supporting them the real-time knowledge they need to make sure that story has the best possible outcome.

Yes, there will still be down days. But, together, we can help make them more manageable - and make the up days come more often.

Join the community that aims to radically improve the quality of life of everyone affected by cancer.
It’s safe. It’s supportive. It’s free.