About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

When diagnosed with a life-altering condition, the available information can be overwhelming, unclear, and at times, inaccurate. Even as professionals in the field, we’ve experienced how hard it can be to understand and navigate the healthcare system, there isn’t one place to which to turn to find support, share experience or learn about all of the treatment options available. We know that treatments developed and approved under tightly-regulated clinical trial conditions may not reflect the real-world environment. Health outcomes still hinge more on where we live than on universal standards of care. We believe that needs to change - and that starts with empowering patients with the information they need to advocate for themselves and manage their care.

We founded The Ribbon.Life because of our own personal experiences with loved ones battling cancer within a broken healthcare system. We've seen firsthand, professionally and personally, that the experience is both deeply personal and at times, dehumanizing. Our belief that the system can and must work better for patients, is what led us to create the Ribbon where a patient can gain access to all of their options in a single place.

Our Purpose

We embrace life.

We innovate with impact.

We empower people to live their best lives.

We believe in the power of community to improve the lived experience of patients managing complex health conditions. Our mission is to create a trusted digital platform that empowers patients to navigate their health journeys together through peer support, personalized health insights, tailored digital health services and patient-friendly clinical education.

We aim to normalize cancer in order to radically improve the quality of life and the mental health of everyone affected by it. We’re building a leading support platform, connecting people pre, during and after treatment with others who can relate. We’re here to help people with cancer and those supporting them to make the down days more manageable.

Our Core Values 01


In our eyes, the patient is the center of the healthcare universe. We lead with a patient first mentality in all areas of our business.

Our Core Values 02


Healing is not a solitary journey. By sharing our experiences and providing empathetic support, patients can help other patients take charge of their health.

Our Core Values 03


Physical and mental health should not be managed in isolation. Healing should focus on improving the patient's physical wellbeing and psychosocial needs.

Our Core Values 04


We honor the trust our members place in us to safeguard their health data. We are committed to acting transparently and with integrity in using our members' data to deliver insights to our community.

Join the community that aims to radically improve the quality of life of everyone affected by cancer.
It’s safe. It’s supportive. It’s free.