Transforming Cancer Research

By empowering people affected by cancer to contribute to cancer research via the The Ribbon.Life Platform, we also enable researchers to reach thousands of people in one place.

For Patients, Caregivers, Health Professionals, Providers and Pharma.

Revealing hidden patterns using The Ribbon.Life’s proprietary, multi-layered data powered by machine learning & artificial intelligence to advance clinical research and improve patient quality of life and care.

We are deeply committed to advancing the state of medical research with quality, real-world data.

Leveraging AI & ML for a Hyper-Personalized Experience.

Cutting-edge AI, machine learning and proprietary medical neural networks are changing the way we and our partners understand patient journeys.


The privacy of our members is a top priority for us. Read our privacy policy.


Human-centric UX means higher participation and more insights.


Reach thousands of people in one place and seamlessly uncover invaluable data.

Generating the Real World Evidence you Need

The Ribbon.Life's patient-centric focus ensures that advanced cancer patients continuously engage with our platform. Patients and their treating physicians receive decision support and access to leading therapeutics and diagnostics in return for ongoing access to their electronic medical records throughout their cancer journey.

This direct patient engagement yields continuous, prospective Real World Evidence (RWE) targeted to accelerate the development and commercialization of novel cancer treatments and combinations.

With direct-to-patient engagement through the Ribbon.Life platform, researchers can find, collect, structure, transfer and submit rich, longitudinal real-world evidence needed for their oncology studies and programs.

Health Studies

We empower every member on The Ribbon.Life Platform to participate in cancer research through Health Studies. Partner with us to access an engaged and relevant audience in real-time and get high quality real world data to accelerate patient-centric cancer care.

  • Define and reach your target audience.
  • Send out fully customized surveys for clinical and market research.
  • Capture valuable insights from thousands of cancer patients in Middle East and North Africa.

With fewer than 5% of patients able to participate in clinical trials, traditional clinical outreach is antiquated and inefficient. The Ribbon.Life's patients, oncologists and industry partners engage directly with the platform, creating a powerful resource for patients and researchers, looking for unique options and increasing enrollment and participation.

The Ribbon.Life Can Help You Accelerate Research.

by understanding real-life treatment journeys, analyzing critical decision points, conducting surveys and providing you with competitive Business Intelligence.